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PageTek Repair Policies and Flat Rate Structure

All repairs are billed at a flat rate, which includes labor, all parts, and return UPS ground shipping. The repair will, unless the client is otherwise notified, restore the unit to original operation or better. Units may be deemed un-repairable if found to be damaged by lightning, water, acid or other solvents, animal deposits, or other abuse. All repairs include an upgrade to current specifications in so far as possible, though upgrades to units more than five years old may be limited by hardware incompatibility and parts obsolescence. Rarely, a repair requiring the replacement of all active devices and/or extensive rework of the PCB may be billed at the max rate, but only after the owner’s approval.

  • jr+ flat rate repair – $250
  • ProTekTor+ flat rate repair – call

PageTek Installation and Operations Manuals

Installation and operations manuals are provided in print with PageTek products, but sometimes an electronic format is easier. You can view the manual you need online or download it to your machine for a user-friendly quick reference tool.
Go to the Manuals page.