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Keeping track of what’s going on can be a problem when you have a lot of PageTek products out in the field. With a large network, reviewing status and alerts calls on a logging printer or terminal can be a time-consuming ordeal. But with the SiteManager, all messages and alerts are received and archived automatically and technical staff alerted only if there’s trouble. All messages may be recalled for analysis or troubleshooting purposes, and since the SiteManager maintains a database of all monitors and their configurations, the technician can quickly connect to any monitor with a click of the mouse. The technician may access status and a complete history of any site and export that information for analysis and reports. The SiteManager hardware requirements are reasonable, requiring only a fairly recent personal computer running NT 4.0. Those interested in learning more may visit our website or call for a free demo.

The SiteManager provides a complete alert call management environment for all plus series PageTek monitors. When an alarm occurs, a PageTek monitor will transmit an alert call message to the SiteManager via the PSTN as a part of the normal monitor alert call dialing sequence. The SiteManager will then process the inbound call, alerting local operators and archiving the alert message. The operators may then connect automatically to any monitor with a double-click of the mouse.

Since the SiteManager provides a searchable database of all monitors in service, any particular unit’s configuration and history may be quickly recalled with a couple of mouse clicks. The database stores all relevant information including site name and ID, location, configuration, password, and status report deadline, as well as user notes for quick retrieval. The operator will automatically be prompted for this information whenever a newly commissioned unit calls the SiteManager.

The SiteManager displays all alert calls received during the previous 30 days. Older messages will be automatically archived and removed from the alert call status window. Each alert call received is logged under a unique event id number with the Site ID, Site Name, Alarm, Input, Input Name, and Input Value recorded. The SiteManager also provides a complete history of a monitor’s daily status report calls, sorted by unit and date for easy management and problem tracking. All messages received by the SiteManager are stored in a Microsoft Access compatible database format that may be directly opened or exported to spreadsheet or word processing software for analysis or reports.

Any monitor may be directly accessed by modem by double clicking on its database entry. Double-clicking on any alert or status call event will likewise connect to the appropriate monitor for real-time interrogation and control, including network-wide time synchronization.

The SiteManager may also be programmed to control external equipment via an optional I/O card. Additional features such as TCP/IP networking, e-messaging, alert call escalation, scheduling, and out-dialing to TAPP terminals may also be available.

While pricing is dependent upon the number of units monitored and the degree of customization that may be required, the SiteManager software fills a void between manual alarm tracking and the high-priced network management platforms that were the only alternative previously.

SiteManager Operator’s Manual