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The Flex

The Flex infrastructure monitor provides status and control of critical equipment at unattended remote sites. Located with the equipment to be monitored and controlled, the Flex communicates with the technician over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) or TCP/IP Ethernet.

  • Monitors up to 72 general-purpose inputs and nine audio lines.
  • Inputs operate in analog or digital modes, each with user-defined upper and lower limits, user-defined active level, time delay, qualifier, and schedule.
  • Generates major or minor alarms upon change of state of any monitored input, and alerts the user via the programmed communication paths.
  • Up to 18 relay outputs relay outputs can be remotely controlled or can respond autonomously as programmed by the user.
  • Additional features include input activity tests, scheduling of relay activation and alert calls, and the logging of all monitored events.
  • Communication and Alerts via RS-232C, USB , modem and Ethernet.

The Workhorse jr+IP

The ProTek jr+IP remote site monitor has been our most popular monitor for several years and it provides all the features needed for routine maintenance of a small communications or industrial site. These features include:

  • A 14.4 kbps V.32 modem with integrated voice synthesizer
  • Optional auxiliary serial ports for interactive connection to external serial devices
  • Four or eight scalable analog inputs
  • Eight digital inputs
  • Two site audio monitoring inputs
  • Eight relay drivers (four of which may drive optional internal relays)
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Automatic reversion to DC during AC mains failure
  • Full compatibility with the PageTek Total Site Protection system
  • Alerts sent to voice telephones, modems, voice, numeric and alphanumeric pagers, or a variety of TCP/IP addresses.

The jr+IP is available with a variety of optional builds including additional analog inputs, internal relays, auxiliary serial ports, internal DC back up battery, and more.

Small, Highly Flexible ProTekTor+IP Satisfies Many Needs

The ProTekTor+IP remote monitor offers highly flexible low cost monitoring for those situations when a larger monitor is just too much. The customizable nature of the monitor allows the user to tailor the monitor to the situation at hand rather than forcing a fit with a larger more expensive monitor. The ProTekTor+IP provides the following features:

  • Integrated 14400 bps modem, TCP/IP and RS-485 networking availability
  • Ten highly configurable analog/digital inputs
  • Four relay outputs
  • Event logging to memory for instant retrieval
  • Immediate problem reporting to staff via modem or pager
  • Full compatibility with the PageTek Alert Management System

While the ProTekTor+IP is available in several versions, they all share flexibility, small size, and ease of configuration to specific uses.

Site Management Software

Keeping track of what’s going on can be a problem when you have a lot of monitors out in the field. With a large network, reviewing status and alerts calls on a logging printer or terminal can be a time-consuming ordeal. But with the SiteManager, all messages and alerts are received and archived automatically and technical staff alerted only if there’s trouble. All messages may be recalled for analysis or troubleshooting purposes, and since the SiteManager maintains a database of all monitors and their configurations,the technician can quickly connect to any monitor with a click of the mouse. The technician may access status and a complete history of any site and export that information for analysis and reports. Those interested in learning more may visit our website or call for a free demo.  The SiteManager is a part of the PageTek Alert Management System.