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About PageTek

We are the monitoring and control experts for the telecommunications industry.

PageTek has supplied the telecommunications industry with programmable remote monitoring and control solutions since 1987.

PageTek is a division of Software Concepts, Inc., a supplier of custom software to the telecommunications industry.

In a world that’s getting more complicated by the minute, we make things simpler.

A System Approach

Your world is getting more complicated every day, with more technical assets to keep up and running, each seemingly further away than the last. Whether you need to monitor and control tower lights, visitor access, communications infrastructure, IT assets, or building environments, we’ve got the solutions you need. PageTek monitors make it all a little less intimidating by bringing your world to your desktop–you’re informed and in control, even around the globe. While it is seldom necessary for all of our products to be employed at any one site, it’s good to know that you have a one-stop resource capable of supplying your total monitoring needs. Our broad product line and system approach will yield consistent, predictable monitoring without the worries of mixing and matching equipment from a variety of vendors.

Our monitors are amazingly flexible, but are designed for the specific needs of the telecommunications community. Regardless of the end use, all of our monitors may be accessed either locally or by modem for real-time information retrieval and site control. All of our products automatically send alert or status calls to modems and pagers; some support additional communications pathways as well. All are user-programmable, allowing you to decide how they respond to site events, with flexible alarm notification, automated control of site equipment, and input processing.

Exemplary Support

Even the best equipment is worthless without reliable support, so we won’t leave you out in the rain after the sale. We have toll-free technical support and parts and labor warranty for one year standard. You may either send a failed unit to the factory for repair or request an expedited shipment of an exchange PCB at no cost. Minimizing downtime and maximizing the effectiveness of your technical staff means more profit for you.

We also have extended warranty programs designed to relieve you of the uncertainty and planning difficulties associated with maintenance and repair of the monitors over extended periods. We can optionally provide coverage even for damage caused by lightning. If you don’t want to ever worry about long term maintenance, inquire about our Total Care package for long term peace of mind, and forget about ever having to spend money or time on repairs.

Free Consultation

We know that you’re constantly juggling to get things done with less resources than you once had–it’s a way of life today. It may seem paradoxical to suggest that spending money on monitoring equipment will help you get ahead. But increased manpower efficiencies, reduced travel, and task automation can save you big money over the long haul. Let us evaluate your situation and show you how our remote site monitors can save you money and time. To ensure that your monitoring system gives you maximum value, we offer free consultation before your investment and can arrange demonstration units to prove what we say. Call us with your technical requirements, you may be surprised at how much our monitors can do. And if an off-the-shelf product doesn’t quite do it, we may be able to customize firmware or hardware to meet your specialized requirements.