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ProTek Remote Site Monitors from PageTek – The Monitoring and Control Experts


In this world, something breaks everyday. Don’t let equipment failures at your remote sites go unnoticed.

ProTek Remote Site Monitors from PageTek – The Monitoring and Control Experts, will alert you to failures before your customers start complaining. You can also use our monitors to interrogate your site to determine the extent of the problem and what will be required to fix the problem before dispatching.

  • Efficient proactive maintenance without the wasted trips to distant sites.
  • Real-time status and alerting to any and all common comm paths and management software.
  • Support for nearly everything at your site, including older legacy equipment.

Whether the equipment is down the hall or across the country, ProTek monitors from PageTek can give you the edge you need to succeed. Choose the monitor you need:

  • The ProTekTor+ gives you a big bang for the buck. It stuffs eight configurable inputs and four relay out puts into a compact package that communicates via POTS line TAPP or DTMF, as well as SMTP and TCP/IP messaging.
  • The jr+ gives you additional inputs and outputs, as well as audio monitoring in a 19″ rack housing.
  • The Flex gives you expandability with up to 72 general purpose inputs, 9 audio monitoring inputs, 18 relay outputs as well as TAPP, DTMF, and full TCP/IP communications including SNMP.